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the_sweet wrote in souten_scans
The possibility of renewed interest in the project means I'm posting here again. YAY!

The Souten Scans' official site is up with links to our RAWs and the one page we have translated/edited so far. (ETA: Bratty page fixed!)
Here's what we need:

* The rest of the RAW scans - preferably high quality, to be consistent with what we already have. Anyone have these or willing to scan? (We have more RAWs than I initially thought, but not all of them.)

* Translators - a key position! Taking the Japanese and turning it into somewhat sensible English. If you know of people that have translated part of the pages in a text form, can you ask them if we can use their translations, with credit?

* Editors - The people that take the English text, put it in the right bubbles/boxes/bursts and make it look pretty. Must possess Photoshop or a similar image editor. We have resources (fonts, tutorials, etc.) if you've never worked on a scanlation project before.


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