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The possibility of renewed interest in the project means I'm posting here again. YAY!

The Souten Scans' official site is up with links to our RAWs and the one page we have translated/edited so far. (ETA: Bratty page fixed!)
Here's what we need:

* The rest of the RAW scans - preferably high quality, to be consistent with what we already have. Anyone have these or willing to scan? (We have more RAWs than I initially thought, but not all of them.)

* Translators - a key position! Taking the Japanese and turning it into somewhat sensible English. If you know of people that have translated part of the pages in a text form, can you ask them if we can use their translations, with credit?

* Editors - The people that take the English text, put it in the right bubbles/boxes/bursts and make it look pretty. Must possess Photoshop or a similar image editor. We have resources (fonts, tutorials, etc.) if you've never worked on a scanlation project before.

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[Moyashimon] WRY HARO THAR
Let me introduce myself...myself...I am dm_san, you can call me DMG or DMsan is fine. the_sweet introduced this project on the community and I found this a great opportunity to spead Yugioh love! We will implant a Kaiba Corp chip in everyone's brains if we have to >:D

My goal is to complete this 300 something page guide in a HQ format.

My group is False Memories, I try to do as much fandom as possible with YGO. If anyone has ever looked, my experience with scanlating wasn't so great at first. I eventually gotten better and I am now working in another scanlation group.

Like most groups for anything, people needed to tested. This may seem unfair, but I need to see where everyone's level is so we help each other out on something.

The most important thing for this is the editing. I would like all editors submit a piece of work of theirs. A manga page. If you do not have a manga page to edit, I will give you one. If you already have a page done, make sure you keep the original raw copy. I am hoping editors can me textsetters as well :x. A textsetter is a the person that puts the dialogue in the bubbles and such. People need to be trained in this as well. You will be given specific fonts to use, and how to align them.

What we also really need is Proofreader, the person(s) that corrects the grammar and spelling. If anyone know's a 1337 English major let me know.

The scans will be uploaded 15 pages at a time. When the first set of 15 is completed (edited, textsetted, in png format) I will upload the next following 15 pages. I want to set a goal for completing the a set in 2-3 weeks. Once the set is done, it will be proofread again, and quality checked and the cycle starts over again.

By the end of like...the last set, everything will be proofread and QC'ed at least 3 times. And ready for distro. I have access to a distro bot on mirc and have a tracker for BT releases.

I would like a list of people that are translating, editing, Proofreading, and QC'ing. Also your email address, AIM/MSN/YIM screenames.

You can find me in my channel, #falsememories most of the time. If you have no clue how to use mirc, use this tutorial. All my other contact infomation is on my profile page.

I am more than happy getting to work with everyone!

If I don't make sense, I wrote this 3 in the morning @_@ gomen!

azureshipping - back to back
I'm not sure if everyone who read my announcement over at playthedamncard joined, but I'm hoping this post will eventually cull the attentions of:
yami_klonia, umeko_pyon, lavaliere, moonymonster, dm_san (!!!), and amiasha. If I didn't name you, it's because I already saw you in this community's member list, or I didn't see your name in the list of comments in my OP at PTDC.

Once everyone joins the community (let me know by commenting on this post!), I'll create a "Staff Listing" on the user info page. Everyone will also have to exchange some sort of contact information (instant messenger aliases, if you use them; emails as well/if you don't use IMs) on a locked post that will come up later.

The main part of this post is to address how we'll be going about things. The first and major project which everyone has joined for (as far as I know) is The Yu-Gi-Oh Character Guide: Gospel of Truth. So that'll be the first major project we tackle. Currently, a few people have the guide already, and if we combine forces with dm_san's group (which I hope we will), we will not need any Scanners; DM's images are already scanned in and are of am amazingly high-quality; using them from the start would save us a lot of time. The people that have the guide should probably act as Editors or Translators-- but it's up to you guys!

The Gospel of Truth is divided up into parts:
I. Character Profiles
II. Study of Magic & Wizards (Duel Monsters)
III. Duel Feature ~Duel Special~
IV. Yu-Gi-Oh! Game History
V. Personal Experiences: The Terror of the Penalty Game!
VI. Getting closer to (solving) the riddle of the Millennium Items!
VII. Chief Kazuki (Takahashi)-sensei's Long Interview
VIII. Yu-Gi-Oh! Glossary
IX. Included Game: [Yu-Gi-Oh Monsters * End Counter] Play (Instructions)

I translated this from the Table of Contents given at the front of the book. Words in square brackets are those that were in Japanese-brackets (used in place of quotes), while words in parenthesis are inferred words that weren't actually present in the text. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong with any of these...

(The back of the book also has two exclusive, rare OCG cards: Yu-Jyo (Friendship) and Kessoku (Unity). English TCG players can't use them in their duels, but if you read the translated effects, they're great cards! I actually have the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG font, so translating the cards wouldn't be a problem-- but we WOULD have to mark them so the card images couldn't be distributed or used for counterfeit card production).

The most logical place to start at is the beginning, with the character profiles, so that's where we'll begin. Once we get everyone joined up here and I can get the images (dm_san?), then we can start figuring out who's doing what, and answer any remaining questions.

First post!
azureshipping - back to back
Hello, and welcome to Souten Scans! We're a new scanlation group currently focusing on 3 projects:
* Yu-Gi-Oh Character Guide: Gospel of Truth
* Code Name wa Sailor V
* Peach Girl Fanbook

If you're interested in helping out with any of these, please read our user info to know what positions we're looking for (and what those jobs entail), and then comment. We'd like to get started immediately! Of course, comments, questions, and suggestions are very welcome...

Spread the word!


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